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Nostalgic Candy  Old Time Candy

Licorice Pipes Black
Licorice Pipes Black licpipblac
This item is currently out of stock!
Licorice Pipe Strawberry
Licorice Pipe Strawberry licpipstraw
This item is currently out of stock!
Licorice Laces Strawberry
Licorice Laces Strawberry 735
Licorice Laces
Licorice Laces 734
Candy Necklace
Candy Necklace 3049
Tootsie Rolls Chocolate (3 Pounds)
The original chewy chocolate Tootsie Rolls-A true classic. 3 Pound Bag
Tootsie Rolls Chocolate (3 Pounds) 583
Tootsie Rolls  Assorted 3lbs.
A great mix of Flavors Lemon, Vanilla, and more 3 Pound Bag Tootsie Rolls
Tootsie Rolls Assorted 3lbs. 586
Mike & Ikes 3 lbs.
Receive 3 pound of Mike & Ikes.
Mike & Ikes 3 lbs. 795
Mary Janes 3 lbs.
A true classic American Candy. You get approx. 172 pieces in a 3 pound Bag.
Mary Janes 3 lbs. 606
Cinnamon Imperial (Red Hots) 4 lbs.
Also known as "Red Hots" these candies are bursting with cinnamon flavor and can be enjoyed by all.
Cinnamon Imperial (Red Hots) 4 lbs. 704
Atomic Fire Balls (4 lbs.)
Sold in 4 pound bag
Atomic Fire Balls (4 lbs.) 532
Candy Cigarettes
Classic candy cigarettes just like when you were a kid. 24 count of candy cigarettes assorted different labels. Great fun for nostagic parties, a playful non smoking hint for friends and co workers.
Candy Cigarettes CIG24
Zotz Assorted Flavors Strings
This box contains 48 strips of the fizzy zotz candy.
Zotz Assorted Flavors Strings zochst